Feature Films

Transformers                                              Dreamworks                                             Conventional Light Programmer / Intelligent Light Programmer / Continuity

Spider-man 3                                             Sony Pictures                                            Conventional Light Programmer / Intelligent Light Programmer / Continuity

Mission: Impossible 3                                  Paramount Pictures                                   Conventional Light Programmer / Intelligent Light Programmer / Continuity

Forty Year-Old Virgin                                 Universal Pictures                                     Conventional Light Programmer

The Island                                                  Dream Works                                           Conventional Light Programmer / Intelligent Light Programmer / Continuity

xXx : State of the Union                              Revolution Studios                                    Moving Light Programmer/ Conventional Light Programmer / Continuity

Miss Congeniality 2                                    Castle Rock Pictures                                  Moving Light Programmer/ Conventional Light Programmer / Continuity

A Series of Unfortunate Events                     Paramount Pictures                                   Add’l Conventional Light Programmer / Dimmer Tech / Continuity

50 First Dates                                            Columbia Pictures                                     Conventional Light Programmer

Fast and the Furious II                                                Universal Pictures                                     Electric – Los Angeles

Girl Next Door                                           GND Productions Inc.                               Moving Light Programmer/ Conventional Light Programmer / Continuity

Looney Tunes : Back in Action                      Warner Brothers                                       Moving Light Programmer/ Conventional Light Programmer / Continuity

Star Trek  : Nemesis                                    Paramount Studios                                    2nd Unit Conventional Light Programmer 

Majestic                                                     Castle Rock                                               2nd Unit Conventional Light Programmer

Sword Fish                                                                Warner Bros. / Fisher Productions             Specialized Electric

Ali                                                           Columbia Pictures                                     Rigging Electrician

Hellraiser V                                               Dimension Films                                      Rigging CLT

Triangle                                                    Triangle Group                                         CLT

Chaos Factor                                               P.M. Entertainment                                   Electric

Or Forever Hold Your Peace                         Never Grow Old Productions                    CLT

Prophecy 3                                                 Dimension Pictures                                   ACLT

Angel’s Dance                                            Angel’s Dance Films                                 Electric

Justice                                                       Justice Films                                             Electric

The Opposite of Sex                                     Columbia Pictures                                     Electric

Orgazmo                                                    Columbia Pictures                                     Electric

Contact                                                      Fisher Productions                                    Specialized Electric


                Movie Surfers                                            Variety                                                     Moving Light Programmer/ Conventional Light Programmer / Continuity

News Junkies                                             Game Show              CNN                        Moving Light Programmer

Wayne Brady Show                                     Promo 2nd Season                                     Moving Light Programmer

DVD on TV                                               FX                                                            Moving Light Programmer/ Conventional Light Programmer / Continuity

My Roommate is a Big Fat Tramp                  Pilot                         Carsey-Warner         Moving Light Programmer/ Conventional Light Programmer / Continuity

Last Comic Standing                                   Reality                                                     Electric / Plots

Home Improvement                                     Reunion Show                                          Moving Light Programmer / Continuity

Fear Factor                                                 Reality                                                     Moving Light Programmer / Continuity

Comic House                                              Reality                                                     Rigging Electric/Plots

Bernie Mac Show                                        Episodic                    Fox/Regency            Best Boy Electric/Plots

Agency                                                      Series                                                       2nd Conventional Light Programmer / Continuity

The Big Time                                             Drama                      TNT/Warner Bros.    Dimmer Board Operator

This Could Work                                         Pilot                         NBC                         Dimmer Board Operator

Bernie Mac                                                                Pilot                         Regency Television   ACLT/Dimmer Board Operator

DAG                                                         Sitcom                      NBC                         Dimmer Board Operator

Academy Awards 2000                                 Show Intro                Dakota Productions   Dimmer Board Operator

                        Billy Crystal Opening                  

MTV Movie Awards 2000                            Show Intro                                MTV         Dimmer Board Operator

                        Stiller, Cruise & Woo Opening

Stripmall                                                   Sitcom                      Comedy Central       ACLT/Dimmer Board Operator

Animal Rescue Kids                                    Series                       Discovery Channel   ACLT

Slovin and Allen                                        Pilot                         F/X Channel            Electric

Trials of Life                                              Pilot                         Philynn Productions  Electric

Music Videos

Fountains of Wayne                    “Stacey’s Mom”                                                                        Moving Light Programmer / Plots

Ben Jelen                                                                                                   Band Apart               Moving Light Programmer / Plots

Ricki Martin                                                                                              Mars Media              Electric

Dido                                         “White Flag”                                            Mars Media              Electric

Jessica Simpson                                                                                                                          Electric

Ja Rule w/ Bobby Brown              “Thug Lovin’”                                          FM Rocks                 Dimmer Board Operator

Limp Bizkit                                                “My Way or Highway”                             DNA                        Dimmer Board Operator

Madonna                                   “What It Feels Like For A Girl DNA                                        Electric

Cami Lile                                  “Polka Dots”                                             DNA                        Electric

Additional Information

·          Programming experience with Martin, Vari-Lite, High End Systems and other intelligent equipment

·          Lighting console experience with Horizon, Flying Pig, ETC,  Strand, Colortran and High End Systems

·          Live Theater and Touring Performances 1992-Present :  Film and Television Production 1996-Present

·          Member of IASTE Local 728 for Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians